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Download Trailers
> Trailers (17)
Promotional trailers of videos produced by VideoFlyRec
Download Sceneries
> Sceneries (4)
Mesh terrains and add-on sceneries used by VideoFlyRec in their productions.
Download Navigation Charts
> Charts (22)
Navigation charts needed for take-off, approach and landing operations explained in VideoFlyRec videos.
Download Documentation & Utilities
> Documentation and Utilities (5)
All docs and utilities you need for following properly the different videos.

Besides Microsoft® Flight Simulator resources, VideoFlyRec uses addons and other documentation in their productions, in order to follow the videos properly. These files can be downloaded in this section.

In addition, you can view the trailers and promotional videos of the production you are interested in.

All files are compressed in .zip format, so you will need WinZip.

Files with .pdf extension will recquire you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading them.

NOTE: all files are copyrighted. For more information, check the documentation attached.

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